The Pure Nexus Project Marshmallow 6.0.1 r13 For Nexus 7 2013

Install The Pure Nexus Project Marshmallow 6.0.1 r13 On Nexus 7 2013 Stable Rom Ever:

we are not responsible for some thing that will happen to your pill consequently of putting in customized roms and/or kernels. You accomplish that at your own threat and take the responsibility upon yourself.

“it is a consumer pleasant thread. All feature requests might be heard and viewed. I’m not towards something that doesn’t stray too a long way away from the normal idea of the ROM! Helping one another is also stimulated! Please be respectful and you are going to always be dealt with the same manner, we are all here for a excellent experience.”

The Pure Nexus task pursuits to bring stability and aspects to your Nexus gadget, whilst maintaining Google’s imaginative and prescient in line and now not straying too a ways away from that. If you are looking for a steady ROM with authentic validated facets and minimal bugs, then this is the location to be.
*Based on AOSP Android 6.0.1_r13
*Pre-rooted with SuperSU 2.Fifty two
*SELinux implementing
*Init.D support
*Addon.D aid
*Native ntfs and exfat aid
*Full Layers and Theme engine help
*Google sounds from factory image no longer the horrible AOSP ones
*Googles marshmallow wallpapers added to wallpaper picker
*advanced Reboot menu enabled via default
*advanced rotation settings
*Enabled Developer settings by default
*Enabled choice to use multi-window mode
*Enabled click on/longclick on notification panel header gadgets
*Disabled compelled encryption
*Disabled Tethering exams
*Disabled Full screen keyboard in panorama
*exhibit apps being optimized during initial boot
*worm fix’s and stability enhancements
*UI enhancements (constant a bunch google forgot to materialize)
*down load velocity in down load notifications
*Scrolling cache enhancements
*seek-bar animation speed and font dimension manage
*Hostname customization
*Adb over wifi access
*Full 3-Minit battery support no mods needed
*Kitkat form silent mode is now default
*delivered ability to look app variant when sideloading app
*added potential to launch app from app info sceen
*delivered app package deal identify to app information monitor
*introduced ability to disable battery saver color in nav/statusbars
*brought capacity to launch purenexus settings from notification drawer (longpress settings icon)
*added Standalone records ui file manager
*introduced detailed keys to all keyboard keys
*added extra smileys to the aosp keyboard
*eliminated googles bug file choice
*removed googles SystemUpdate choice
*eliminated googles legal information

-PureNexus Settings
Lock reveal
*alternative to customize lockscreen shortcuts
*option to customize lockscreen weather
*choice to customise lockscreen clock font
*double tap at any place to sleep
*choice to disable lockscreen media art
*Scramble pin design
*quick pin unlock
*option to hide lockscreen clock
*alternative to cover lockscreen date
*choice to cover lockscreen alarm textual content
*alternative to manipulate max notifications on the lockscreen
*Lockscreeen Wallpaper (add/crop/delete)
Notification Drawer
*drive elevated Notifications
*speedy settings pulldown (left,proper)
*sensible pulldown (no ongoing, no dismissable)
*brightness slider on/off toggle
*alternative for time conscious contexual notification header photos
*alternative for poly hd notification header photos
*absolutely customizable rapid settings with now up to 30 custom tiles
*choice to allow or disable the top two foremost quicksettings tiles
*choice to enable 3/four/5 speedy settings tiles per row
*choice for developed place in place fast surroundings tile
*option to disable rapid settings on secure lockscreen
latest Apps
*Immersive recents (stock, full reveal, statusbar most effective, navbar best)
*Clear all recents toggle
*Clear all recents location choice
*Clear all recents but final app toggle
*contemporary searchbar on/off toggle
*slim recents and slim recent choices
*Battery customization (inventory, landscape, circle, dotted circle, text, none)
*Battery percentage choices (hidden, within the icon, next to the icon)
*Battery Bar options (vicinity, colour, type, thickness, anitmation)
*provider textual content customization (textual content placement, custom text)
*Clock customization (position, am/pm, date, date role, date kind, date layout)
*network traffic meter options (disabled/incoming/outgoing/each, models displayed, replace interval, hide arrows, autohide, autohidethreshold)
*popularity-bar options (notification counter, double-tap to sleep, statusbar brightness control)
Navigation Bar
*IME toggle
*alternative for arrow cursor keys
*choice for double tap navbar to sleep
*lengthy-press again to kill toggle
*option to configure again kill delay
*long-press recents for final app toggle
*Navigation bar size customization (width, top, size)
*Navigation bar customization (placement, buttons)
*option to disable on cozy lock
*Add/remove (reboot, screenshot, screen-record, airplane mode, person switcher,settings shortcut, search, voice search, lock now, sound panel)
volume Rocker
*quantity key wake
*quantity key tune manage
*quantity key keyboard cursor control
*quantity button swap toggle
*control media volume whenever toggle
*alternative to enable volume down in silent to enter do not disturb
*choice to enable volume up in don’t disturb to exit don’t disturb
*choices to manipulate volume steps on the fly
*elevated computer choices
*option to allow/disable wake on plug
*LED controls
Media & Notifications
*option to ignore interruptions in the course of media playback
*choice to disable camera shutter sound
*option to disable double faucet digicam vibration
*option to disable heads up notifications globally
*alternative to slash the quantity of notifications an app could make in alloted time
*alternative to invert the ambient display notifications
*alternative to disable low battery notification
*choice to disable battery saver notification
cLock Settings
*customize the cLock widget
tools and information
*gadget information
*battery history
*utilization records
*wifi information
*construct.Prop editor
*fi swap instruments (if challenge fi sim is installed)


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