THDR Marshmallow Edition 6.0.1 Rom For Sony Xperia Z3 D6633/53

THDR Android Marshmallow Edition 6.0.1 Rom For Sony Xperia Z3 D6633/D6653 Insane Battery Life

THDR Marshmallow Edition 6.0.1 Rom For Sony Xperia Z3 D6633-53


I made initiatives for Xperia X10, Xperia P and now Xperia Z3 with excellent success, see my Views and Downloads from my ancient and present initiatives.
Everything i do is free of charge and all is created in my Free Time so please recognize my work considering i work difficult on all my projects to thrill all of my users.

TWRP recovery 2.7.0, SuperSU 2.71, Busybox 1.24.2, Pre-Rooted
based on professional 6.0.1 beta
thoroughly Prerooted
method R/W working [RIC Defeat]
ByeSELinux for MM
entirely Deodexed
heavily Debloated [No Features missing]
legit Beta has 160mb free system area and my ROM has 1,32gb free house
digicam Addon
snapshot Editor and movie Creator Addon
Disabled cellular information Notification
examine the ROM to seek out much more features

GuildeLine for installing this ROM [LB/UB]

  • Step no 1. Do not wipe System otherwise my Detection Scripts is not work, also my Script do a wipes System anyway
  • Step no 2. Install The MARSHMALLOW EDITION ROM in Recovery mode [You do not lose Any Data]
  • Step no 3. Flash The Xperia D6633 Patch into Recovery mode but just if you own Xperia D6633
  • Step no 4. Do A Full Wipe Cache & Dalvik Cache to avoid Any Bugs & Problems [Optional Thing]
  • Step no 5. Reboot Your Xperia Z3 and Enjoy
  • Important Information If you have to Face Some problems then need to Backup your important Stuff and wipe your information together with inner and/or external SD Card, this will likely remedy your entire problems.

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