Sony Xperia Z3 Update to Google Style Z3 v1 Android 6.0.1 .291 UB/LB

Sony Xperia Z3 Update to Google Style Z3 v1 Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 .291 Unlocked And Locked Bootloaders. It is completely specific from PureX sequence. I’ve tried to deliver an AOSP / CM seem like inventory ROM for Z3. I am not telling that after flashing this ROM u will get an entire AOSP believe but u will get a 50% CM/AOSP appear and feel. Now LB users also can enjoy the look of AOSP/CM of their Z3. This Build does no longer come with an Aroma and on no account will probably be.


Features of Google Style Z3 v1 Rom For Sony Xperia Z3

Based on Z3 Newest 23.5.A.1.291
fully Deodexed
entirely Rooted With SuperSU
utterly Patched Superuser Mod
fully Init.D support
Tunable interactive & VM optimized
in-built ultra-modern TWRP recovery
maximum Debloated
Disabled information Enabled/Disabled Notification Message
XZ5 Assertive display v1.3

CM13 Aroma Features

AOSP/CM points
AOSP Clock
AOSP Calculator
AOSP camera
AOSP Gallery
AOSP Themed Settings
AOSP Phonebook
AOSP Dialer ( due to @Wajk )
Google Pixel residence With Wallpapers
CM13 residence
AOSP Styled Statusbar and Battery
AOSP Wallpaper Picker
AOSP IncallUI/Outgoing UI
AOSP Message App
CM13 AudioFX
AOSP Browser
CM13 File manager
CM13 track participant
AOSP Keyboard
CM13 Keyboard
CM13 email

How to Update Sony Xperia Z3 to Google Style Marshmallow 6.0.1 Rom

  • Copy The ROM To you Device
  • Transfer D6633 Patch To Device ( For D6633 Users)
  • Reboot into Recovery mode
  • Do A Full Wipe Data / Factory Reset
  • Flash The Google Style Z3 v1
  • Complete Rom Installation
  • Install D6633 Patch ( For D6633 Users )
  • Reboot to System & Enjoy

Download Android MM 6.0.1 Google Style v1 Rom For Xperia Z3

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