Omni Yuga Official NIGHLY Android LP 5.1.1 Rom For Sony Xperia Z

Official Omni Yuga NIGHLY Google Android Lollipop 5.1.1 Rom For Sony Xperia Z


Over the last few months our staff and contributors had been working diligently so as to supply the best user experience that we can.

At this point in time, we now have confidence within the stability of our codebase, and as such 5.1.1 nightly releases based on Android Lollipop have begun!

This preliminary roll out includes the following gadget Xperia Z (yuga) Please be advised that when you had been earlier on an unofficial or selfmade construct, you will have to participate in a easy flash/wipe knowledge when relocating to nightly builds, or you will come to be in a boot loop.

As invariably, we’re working rough to increase our gadget roster, and will roll out nightlies to extra devices Over time and as we have maintainers to do so. Please consult with our Lollipop repute update post for some FAQs, as good as our gadget fame wiki web page for the modern updates on device support. ENJOY

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This ROM not have Root Access If you Need you have to flash SuperSU.File