OFFICIAL Android M 6.0.1 Bliss v6.0 Rom for Asus Zenfone 2 Z00A/Z008

OFFICIAL Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 Bliss v6.0 Rom for Zenfone 2 Z00A/Z008 Rom By Team Bliss:

Bliss is likely one of the most highly customizable roms which you could install to your cell gadget, and we hope you’ve a real blissful experience.
A huge due to CyanogenMod for the supply and the entire work and dedication their staff places in to hold us updated.
Bliss is CM13 founded, with some facets delivered in from various roms, and we can proceed to replace aspects as they emerge as to be had.
We can hold up-to-the-minute with the today’s CM code, and updates will be posted on a regular groundwork.
Nonetheless, please do not ask for ETA’s. We will be able to update the links as soon as they grow to be on hand.

We can now not tolerate any rudeness or anybody being disrespectful in this thread.
We can do our nice to answer your questions or considerations as soon as possible.

Discuss with our website for aspects that comprise:
Member signal-up, staff information, all the modern rom downloads, the alternative to open help tickets for issues & extra!


CyanogenMod 13 Theme Engine

Status Bar Options

  • Statusbar Clock & Date Options (Left/Center/Right/Hide/Extra)
  • Extra Battery Icon Options
  • Customizable QS Tiles

Navigation & Button Selections

  • Toast & Listview Animations

Sound And Music Options

  • -Link Ringtone & Notification Toggle
  • -Media, Alarm, Ring & Notification Sound Options

Light & Display Options

  • Brightness Level
  • Cast Screen
  • Wallpaper
  • Expanded Desktop
  • LCD Density
  • Daydream
  • Font Size
  • Show Search Bar in Recents
  • Adaptive Brightness
  • LiveDisplay
  • Rotation
  • Ambient Display
  • Double Tap to Sleep
  • Sleep Time
  • Wake on Plug

staff Bliss will not be dependable in any way for anything that happens to your gadget within the approach of flashing.
Please make yourself familiar with flashing and custom rom use before making an attempt to flash the rom.
Please be certain you download the correct version of Bliss in your detailed device. The hyperlinks are labeled certainly.

*Make sure you are rooted.
*make sure you’ve install custom recovery. (TWRP is the Perfect recovery)
*download the Latest Bliss Rom & the ultra-modern GApps package deal.
*Boot into Recovery Mode.
*Create  a FULL factory wipe and wipe/system and dalvik cache as a precaution
*Flash Bliss Rom Zip
*Flash Google Apps bundle Gapps (for 6.0!)
*First boot may just take up to 10 minutes be patience

Bliss – Official Zenfone 2 (Z008)
Bliss – Official Zenfone 2 (Z00A)

Bliss – Nightlies

We recommend using any of the following sets of GApps: