Nitrogen One Kitkat 4.4.4 Custom Rom For Sony Xperia E3 All Variants

Download Latest Nitrogen One Android Kitkat 4.4.4 Custom Rom For Sony Xperia E3 All Variants Very Fast And Stable Build Ever. Here’s Supported Models List: -D2202 -D2203 -D2206 -D2212 -D2243. Note This Rom Need to be Installed Over Stock KK 4.4.4 Build.

Nitrogen One Kitkat 4.4.4 Custom Rom For Sony Xperia E3 All Variants

Main Features of Nitrogen One KK 4.4.4 Stable Rom For Xperia E3 All Variants

-tinted status bar (manually allow in display settings)
-Twrp recovery
-init.D help
-expanded web
-accelerated touch-response
-customized boot animation
-lowered boot time
-Fast charge v2
-extended 3g signal
-lowest CPU clock set to 192mhz
-Wheatley governor
-interactive governor
-lionheart governor
-multiplied battery life
-SIO I/O Scheduler
-zip aligned
-overclocked picture card from 450mhz to 500mhz
-nitrogen tweak,s added
-underclocked CPU and GPU freq,s
-underclocked/overclocked ram
-reclaimed ram from loggers
-delivered the smart max governor
-brought freedom
-delivered flops I/O scheduler
-Kexec patched (Multi-room suitable) (now not confirmed)
-Optimized Slub
-brought intelliPlug
-Battery barely drains when reveal is off
-lz4 ramdisk compression help (UNTESTED)
-faster integer sqrt
-expanded read-forward
-improved equity-efficiency
-multiplied ext4 pace
-brought simple GPU algorithm
-introduced neon support for kernel mode NEON
-delivered file procedure dynamic learn-forward
-added BFQ v7 I/O scheduler
-energy effective work queue introduced
-intel lip lug set as default
-smart max set as default
-added pegasus Q governor
-stereo name recording (why did I bought this I don,t comprehend).
-intel thermal (this is higher thank inventory thermal)
-tweaked random
-fake sound manipulate added
-echo mode introduced
-multi-core power saving brought
-elevated oom kill
-expanded dep freq
-multiplied digital camera
-introduced conservative GPU governor
-brought many new init.D scripts
-new boot animation
-much more.

How To Install Nitrogen One Android KitKat 4.4 Rom For Sony Xperia E3

It can not be Install on cyanogens or AOSP Rom.

– First of All Get Latest and from Download Section.
– Transfer File to your device Storage
– Reboot Phone into recovery mode
– Install
– Install
– After Then Flash update
– Perform A Wipe cache & dalvik cache
– Reboot to System And ENJOY

Download Nitrogen One Rom And Kernels For Xperia E3 From Here
(for D2202/D2203/D2206/D2212/D2243) GET HERE
STABLE KERNEL (for D2202/D2212) Download
STABLE KERNEL (for D2203/D2206/D2243) HERE
Update Nitrogen 4.7