Moto X Style Pure XT1572/75 Update to TruePure XMM Android 6.0.1 Rom

Motorola Moto X Style Pure XT1572/75 Update to Latest Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 TruePure XMM Rom. The Build was once born from my minimalist OCD and love for my Nexus 6. Even though Motorola has a reputation for no longer together with bloat, I disagreed. I’ve removed all unnecessary MotoBloat whilst preserving the Moto points that make us love their phones a lot. TruPureX is light, speedy and gentle. It used to be built to maintain the battery in intellect and efficiency excessive, as well as making definite it is effortless to customize to your liking.


Features of Moto X Style Pure TruePureXMM Android M 6.0.1 Rom

Smooth & speedy
Aroma Installer
Xposed competent
VoLTE constant
twin SIM aid
FranklenClark kernel
Dynamic Navigation bar
removed contemporary Search Bar
removed ascending ringtone
Disable gentle Scrolling cache
Blocked commercials
Moto Voice
Moto movements
Moto camera and Gallery
Moto show
construct.Prop tweaks for performance and battery
closely Debloated (Google apps, Moto apps, and so on.)
Developer options enabled by default
ADB enabled by way of default
Init.D aid

How to Update Moto X Style Pure to TrurPureXMM Marshmallow 6.0.1 Rom

If your Device coming from MM Pure OTA or Another MM ROM:
1. Get The Latest TruPureXMM-X.X zip
2. Do a Clean Wipe
3. Flash The Build
4. Reboot

If Your Device coming from 5.1.1 Rom:
1. Download The Latest Available Build
2. Then Get MM-Pure-Modem zip
3. Clean Wipe
4. Install TruPureXMM-X.X zip
5. Then Install MM-Pure-Modem zip
6. Reboot to System & Enjoy

Download Latest TruePureXMM Android 6.0.1 Smooth Rom For Moto X Style Pure

TruPureXMM 2.9