How To Flash TWRP v2.8 On Sony Z3+ E6553 Full Install Guide

How To Install TWRP v2.8 On Sony Z3+ E6553 Complete Flash Guide:


Disclaimer: whilst this TWRP has been demonstrated on my own on my possess gadget to flash, wipe and backup, I make no warranties as to it is performance. Use at your possess chance.
WARNING: flashable variation comprises a kernel boot snapshot so that it will be flashed to your gadget together with the healing photo.

  • Install Guide:
  • This recovery  is for the E6553 single SIM Z3+. Do not use it on another model.
  • This restoration snapshot requires an unlocked bootloader. You’ll lose some functionality in your mobilephone in the event you free up your bootloader
  • Do your study and ensure you are utilising the state-of-the-art variation of the important
  • instruments if you do decide to unlock.
  • Don’t enable MyXperia performance should you’ve unlocked your bootloader. You’re going to brick your gadget.
  • This first down load of this restoration image are not able to be flashed to your mobile and must be used in fastboot mode handiest
  • The second download is a flashable recovery
  • Use the first version to flash the 2nd dual-boot.Zip variation
  • Unzip the healing.Zip file to extract the restoration.Img file to use in fastboot mode
C:\>adb reboot bootloader
C:\>fastboot boot recovery.img
C:\>adb push /sdcard/
C:\>adb push /sdcard/

Now use the TWRP set up function to install dual-boot.Zip. Comply with the prompts of the Aroma graphical installer.


this extends the boot time with the aid of about 5 – 10 seconds as ramdisk portraits have got to be unpacked and there’s a wait on a keypress to determine whether or not to enter recuperation mode. To be able to boot into recuperation, press vigor on. While you see the yellow LED come on then press the down volume button a couple of times. You will then boot into TWRP.

Be aware: the dual-boot.Zip installs a new 28.Zero.A.8.251 kernel. If you are making use of the autoroot kernel from Devries you’ll must flash SuperSU to re-root your device

This twin boot/recovery works through flashing the recovery snapshot to the FOTAkernel partition. A custom ramdisk picture contains the common boot photograph. If the down volume keypress is detected, then the recuperation ramdisk is routinely extracted from the FOTAKernel partition and glide of manipulate switches to recovery. If no keypress is detected then the usual ramdisk is extracted and traditional android boot ensues.

Those of you who installed version 1.0 please down load and set up this version 1.1 to fix the error with the startup of the trim area daemon

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