Duality ROM Best Battery Life for Sony Xperia XZ (Android 7.x)

Download and Flash Up to Dated Duality ROM for Sony Xperia XZ Android Nougat 7.x Please Do some research before Installation of this Build Because it’s a Custom ROM and I am not Responsible for anything.

Features of Sony Xperia XZ Duality ROM

-Advanced init.d support(runs much more reliably than normal implementation)
-Magisk included(better than SuperSU)
-Magisk modules support
-Unbelievable Performance, 30% increase in app opening speeds!
-Supports Dual Sim( Look at post 3)
-Supports X Performance?(Needs evaluation)
-8hours Screen on time(tested by me)
-0% idle drain over 10hours
-Latest fingerprint few from XZS(faster and more reliable)
-Latest Adreno Driver from XZS(Improved power management)
-Latest display calibration from XZS
-Latest XZS WiFi driver
-Governor Tweaks
-Better thermal engine
-Massively improved battery life
-Audio Enhancements
-Debloated extensively
-Better memory management
-Higher Performance
-And Did I Mention Fantastic Battery Life

How to Install Xperia XZ Duality ROM

Flashing procedure
1-First of all, Perform a full Wipe and Then Install Duality
2-Select device in aroma
3-Install Xnext mod for xzs camera(optional Thing)
4-Reboot Device to Setup Wizard
5- Don’t flash any kernel except duality kernel

Duality ROM Change Logs:

-Fixed VOLTE
-ART tweaked for kryo
-Increased thermal engine
-cleaned up init.d
-Improved Battery life
-Enabled AC3 audio codec again
-Settled screen mirroring bug
-Circles theme + wallpaper
-Debloated extensively
-Xperia Works
-some more I forgot
-completely new kernel(DK14)
-zero crashes
-more aggressive optimization flags.