Custom ROM zROM+ For Sony Xperia Z3+ E6553 Lollipop 5.0.2

Android Lollipop 5.0.2 zROM+ For Sony Xperia Z3+ E6553 Custom ROM Stable All Bugs Fixed:

ZROM+ Features:

Based on Sony firmware 28.0.A.Eight.251 frequent Hong Kong

Aroma installer
Deodexed and zipaligned
Rooted with SuperSU preinstalled
dual boot/ TWRP healing atmosphere
customized kernel with runtime manipulate of SELinux imposing reputation and RIC disabled
Google apps updated and with customizable graphical installer for Gapps
Writeable outside SD card
Xposed framework realistic (in SELinux permissive mode)

Bloatware Removed

the next apps and bloatware have been removed and can be installed immediately from the Play store if desired. The first two are installable by means of identifying the right alternative in the ROM installer
What’s New
Xperia lounge
AVG Antivirus
anonymous information assortment
Mobisystems File Commander
Mobisystems place of work
playstation Network Portal
Privilege films
Sony movie Creator

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Installation GuideLine:

NOTE: You must perform a factory reset before install by wiping cache and data.

Step 1
c:>adb reboot bootloader
c:>fastboot boot recovery.img
c:>adb push /sdcard/
c:>adb push /sdcard/

The file is so big, so it will take 5 or 10 minutes to complete the uploads. If you want urgent put your external SD in a card reader and load it that way.

Step 2

  • In the interface for TWRP, navigate to Wipe and perform a factory reset
  • In the interface for TWRP, navigate to Install
  • Click install, select from the internal storage
  • Swipe to flash file
  • Read all instructions
  • when complete then reboot


This ROM has a kernel that supports runtime SELinux mode changes. The mode change is comprehensive by means of a script /procedure/su.D/permissive.Sh, which units SELinux to permissive mode at boot time. Should you desire to run Xposed, you need to run SELinux in permissive mode. Failure to do so results in a couple of approach functions force closing at startup and a gadget that’s locked up.

If you happen to do not run Xposed I propose that you preserve SELinux in implementing mode. To take action, go to Settings–>About and click on more than one times on the build number until it tells you that Developer mode is activated. When developer mode is activated, again out and pick the Developer choice and allow USB debugging. Now run an adb shell and remove the permissive mode script. Supply permission for USB debugging when the immediate comes up

c:>adb shell
[email protected]:/ $ su

Wait for the SuperSU prompt and grant permission to adb

[email protected]:/ # mount -o rw,remount /system
[email protected]:/ # rm -f /system/su.d/
[email protected]:/ # reboot

in the event you decide on to not set up any of the Google apps, a minimal core Google framework shall be mounted anyway. This includes Google framework, GmsCore, Google Play, Google Login services, Google Contacts and Backup Sync, SteupWizard and OneTimeInitializer that runs after first boot. Aside from the Play store app and the first time setup apps, the rest of those apps usually are not seen in your app drawer.
While i’ve made each effort to experiment this ROM in a kind of distinct install eventualities, it is a beta ROM and you can also expertise some bugs. I make no guarantee as to its health for rationale or its efficiency and you use it at your own threat.


This ROM now helps booting straight into TWRP recovery mode. To access recovery mode, power on the phone and when you see the yellow LED illuminate press the down quantity button a few times.