Custom kernel For Sony Xperia Z3+ E6553 Sony RIC And Nuke Verity

Sony RIC And Nuke Verity allow Selinux permissive Custom kernel For Sony Xperia Z3+ E6553:

Features Of Custom Kernel:

Sony RIC disabled


SELinux configurable at boot and runtime


The stock Sony kernels use SONY RIC, SELinux and CONFIG_DM_VERITY that collectively make it chiefly hard to root. With the inventory kernel, it is unimaginable to run a modified ROM of any form (incorporating alterations to the approach partition). Trying as well with the inventory kernel off a modified approach partition results in a kernel discontinue or panic, manifested either by using getting stuck on the Sony display or a bootloop.

This kernel removes the Sony RIC and CONFIG_DM_VERITY and units boot and runtime parameters that enable SELinux to be disabled or to be set into permissive mode. As soon as this kernel is flashed, you can download SuperSU flashable zip and flash it to your phone using the TWRP recovery image snapshot I posted in this discussion board to be able to get root to your inventory ROM.

This kernel contains no source patches. It is a absolutely inventory kernel from the Sony github repository.
Installation instructions:
This boot image requires an unlocked bootloader. You’re going to lose some functionality on your phonewhen you release your bootloader
Do your study and make certain you’re making use of the modern-day variant of the principal tools for those who do come to a decision to release.
Unzip the boot.Zip file to extract the boot.Img file

C:\>adb reboot bootloader
C:\>fastboot flash boot boot.img
C:\>fastboot boot recovery.img
C:\>adb push /sdcard/

Then change to the TWRP interface, go to the install menu and flash /sdcard/supersu.Zip. Reboot and you’re rooted. Which you can then adjust your method partition as you please.

should you set up Xposed you have to wipe cache/dalvik after installation or else you’ll get an error message telling you that you are strolling out of space for storing and any apps you put in with Play store will fail the installation with a 504 error. This is not concerning the kernel, however is caused with the aid of failing to wipe cache after installing Xposed.