AOSP Android Nougat 7.1.1 ROM For Sony Xperia Acro S

Download and Install Fast and Stable AOSP Android Nougat 7.1.1 ROM For Sony Xperia Acro S Device. The purpose of this Build is to provide a ROM not so far of the Android Open Source Project with some cool features (nAOSP means “near AOSP”). It is clean, smooth and Bloat-free.

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Features of Xperia Acro S Nougat 7.1.1 AOSP ROM

android-7.1.1 (November security fixes)
kernel: security updates
OMS7 support
SELinux: Enforced
Fix camcorder
Fix battery draining when screen off
Audio: incall: port voice session and volume/mute control from nAOSP 5.1
Navigation bar tuner (see System UI Tuner)
Dialer: automatic proximity speaker
New audio sounds from Google Nexus devices
Tethering: Available for everyone (no provisioning, bypass tethering plan)
Ui: QS USB Tethering
Ui: QS Sync
Ui: Press on Clock or Date from status bar will start Alarm or Calendar Apps (new alarm or new event on Long press)
Time: Disable unneeded proprietary time_daemon which causing unexpected clock change
Themes: full substratum themes support (base, dialer, contacts, settings…)
Exchange: bring back support for Android 6.0
Jack: add manual plug/unplug control for broken jack detection (see nAOSProm settings and Quick Settings)
SU: include policy (from SuperSU)
Night mode: Automatic mode and rework for 7.0/Kcal support – see System UI Tuner/Color and Appearance
SafetyNet: experimental workaround (working fine with SafetyNet Helper but not with Android Pay. don’t know for Pokemon)
TWRP: not included (please use the one from nAOSP 6.0 b13)
Bluetooth: fix that permit to toggle on Bluetooth after a clean flash @millosr)
fix multiple soft reboot (eg: video playback on Gallery) @millosr)
gapps-config.txt: do not install GooglePackageInstaller (needed for integrated Superuser)
Kernel: multiple security fixes + sdcard fs support
Busybox included
Adaway, Susbtratum legacy apps supported (some time Adaway is not able to write and need a second try)
diag: Fix permissions for /dev/diag and services that need it
GPU: Enable tiled
2D: Support 60 fps + managed by the GPU to reduce CPU load (improve global responsivness).
OMX: Hw encoder support
Webview provider (Developer Settings)
Camera slow start issue fixed
Camera2 : crash and portrait issue fixed
DeskClock : crash on World button fixed
Email: Fake security for Exchange
Selinux : PERMISSIVE (temporary)
telephony: opensource libril and riled
Memory: Malloc SVELTE mode (reduce memory space but slower allocation speed).

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How to FlashVia TWRP Recovery

You need to merge the partitions /data and /sdcard (already done if your device comes from nAOSP 6.0).
IF not, please read the 6.0 system to install this ROM. (JUST Re-Partitioning and Changing file-system)
If your phones come from nAOSP 6.0 b12, you can simply install the ROM as usual (a clean install is preferable if you migrate from 6.0).