Android 7.0.0 AOSP Noougies Vanilla Rom For Wifi Nexus 9 NRD91D

Latest Android Nougat 7.0.0_r7 AOSP Vanilla Rom For Wifi Nexus 9 NRD91D WIP. The Build was created by building from NRD91D source & TRYING to add SuperSU.


Nexus 9 WiFi Android 7.0 Nougat AOSP Rom Features

  • Vanilla AOSP 7.0.0_r7 (NRD91D) for WiFi Nexus 9
  • October 5th, 2016 security Baseline in ROM AND Kernel (brought in v0.50)
  • advanced vigor menu (added in v0.30)
  • Nav bar tuner, night time mode, brightness slider toggle (brought in v0.41)
  • method UI Tuner now indicates through default in Settings (introduced in v0.42)
  • night time mode toggle absolutely does something! (constant in v0.43)
  • inventory sounds
  • removed/speeded up some animations for turbo/smoother experience (added in v0.42)
  • inventory boot animation (yes it is unchanged from Android M)
  • is not going to overwrite TWRP with stock restoration
  • OpenGapps compatibility – please flash full or smaller… Google WebView in stock causes setup wizard FC
  • busy box 1.22.1 (won’t bring together! Strategies?)
  • All future Nougat builds will all be established on this table
  • AdAway v3.1.2
  • SuperSU 2.76
  • variation) then install PHH’S SuperUser app from Play store. Magisk thread linked above a close top of a page.
  • MiXplorer v6.7.7
  • that you would be able to pass setup wizard (if needed) through tapping all four corners in clockwise order
  • commencing with a top left…
  • Self-compiled 3.10.One hundred and one kernels also from AOSP supply
  • (https://android.Googlesource.Com/ker…Er-three.10-nougat):
  • current with protection October fifth, 2016 baseline (added in v0.50)
  • No for encrypt
  • Permissive
  • f2fs supported on /cache
  • random support (delivered in v0.Forty two)
  • SIO/FIOPS IO Schedulers (added in v0.42)
  • advanced TCP congestion enabled
  • sync togglable (delivered in v0.42)
  • 2.0A charging help (delivered in v0.42)
  • Snappy compression library
  • Defaults
  • Governor – Userspace
  • IO Sched – FIOPS
  • TCP Congestion control – Cubic
  • UBERTC-4.9.Four

How to Update WiFi Nexus 9 to Android Nougat 7.0.0_r7 AOSP Rom & Downloads

Instruction & Files