KatKiss Lollipop 5.1.1 Rom with MultiWindow Asus Transformer TF300T

KatKiss Google Android Lollipop 5.1.1 Rom with MultiWindow Feature For Asus Transformer TF300T Stable

After a few years of success on the TF101, KatKiss is now to be had for the TF300T

This rom is an aosp founded rom with my possess additions on top of it.

he predominant motto of the rom being Kiss. Despite the fact that the Meerkat might give you a kiss, it

stands for maintains it sweet and easy too
which means that that just like the other ok.A.T stuff, the rom’s fundamental purpose is effectivity, speed/responsiveness,
while no longer including bloated aspects so as to gradual matters down
Rom Katkiss important features:
Multiwindow aid (see post #three)
high velocity and responsive oriented
high performance and overclocked KatKernel included
built with Sabermod 4.9, graphite, -O3 & excessive optimization flags
Dock keyboard aid with full exact/perform keys aid
international Keyboard Shortcuts / KeyOverride Macro association (See publish #2 for more information)
Search key quick launch shortcuts
HDMI aid
Battery stage Indicator & Dock Battery support + Mods (icon/text/%)
F2FS (rom autodetection on /information) , CIFS, ext4, NTFS & Exfat support
RRO Theme Engine – topics & extra information
Wifi Hotspot
Native Android FSTRIM + handbook scripts for Database optimization and fstrim (see submit #2)
Media Scanner Filters
evolved per software permission management (AppOps)
All Wifi channels help
built-in cpu & io efficiency settings panel
evolved energy menu with reboot choices.
Custom Navbars buttons lengthy press actions
Navbar with left or middle aligned buttons, and multiple heights.
Consumer Immersive mode and movements with automode when docked atmosphere
custom rapid Settings tiles
Ethernet-auto aid
Misc utils Busybox, rsync…
Included KatKernel Main Features:
— established on today’s Asus version.
— CPU Overclockable as much as 1700 (1500 default), GPU overclock (OC 520 through default) , uservoltage
— constructed with Sabermod GCC 5.1, -O3, graphite + Optimized flags
— F2FS help
— governors: interactive pegasusq conservative ondemand powersave efficiency
— iosched: BFQV7r5, ROW, SIO, deadline, NOOP, CFQ
— FS: ext3-four, VFAT, NTFS, F2FS, NFSV3+4, CIFS
— TCP Congestion: illinois cubic veno reno bic westwood highspeed htcp vegas scalable yeah
— Asynchronous Fsync
— USB web drivers
— lowmemorykiller: misc optimisations & fixes
— backports from extra recents kernels (three.4,& three.9)
— exposed SOS/LNX
— avoid slave mountspace so Dalvik apps can mount system-huge volumes
— Misc optimization & fixes: cpufreq, block, mmc, i2c, sched, rcu, arm designated routines, …
— Misc protection fixes, futex, tty …


builds designed for install in your favorite recovery. MAKE SURE TO INSTALL A LATEST RECOVERY!
TF300T TWRP >= 2.8 (F2FS suppoted): KANG TWRP

  • Create a Full Backup First
  • Go to recovery mode
  • Make a full wipe / factory reset your device (skip this step if you are on the same main version of KatKiss, if ever you encounter a problem do the full wipe and try again before reporting )
  • Flash the Katkiss rom zip
  • Flash the SuperSU zip file
  • Flash Google gapps
  • Wipe cache/dalvik
  • Reboot And Enjoy The Rom


Newest Rom Version: KatKiss-5.1_TF300T_030.zip | Mirror

Gapps: gapps-KatKiss-5.1_TF300T_20150920.zip

Latest SuperSU: SuperSU.zip

Sound improvements & misc : install the K.A.T App

Download TF300T F2FS compatible recovery: Latest Official TWRP 2.8