Enfriar Sony Z5 Full Features Android LP 5.1 Rom For Sony Xperia V

Install Enfriar Rom With Sony Z5 Full Features Android LolliPop 5.1.1 On Sony Xperia V Xtreme Fast & Insane Battery Life

Enfriar Sony Z5 Full Features Android LP 5.1 Rom For Sony Xperia V

Hello Enfriar Z5 Xperia V Is situated On CM12.1 With Xperia Z5,Z4,M5 points & approach Apps integrated For Xperia V
Xperia Z5 Fonts & Launcher feature
Xperia Z5 Media Apps
Xperia Z5 Small Apps
Xperia Z5 Wallpaper
Xperia Z4 Dialer
Xperia Z4 Phonebook
Xperia Z4 InCallUI
Xperia Z4 Media provider
Xperia Browser
Xperia smart join
party Share
Xperia Z4 display Recorder
original Xperia Z4 Framework & thoroughly Featured sensible Social digicam
Xperia M5 Sounds
Xperia M5 Bootanimation
modern day Timeshift Burst
present day What’s New
Superman Theme
movie Creator
gradual movement Video Editor
Xperia procedure UI
Particle result Lockscreen
Xperia Z5 Calendar
Xperia live Wallpaper,Calculator,Alarm & Clock
Xperia Sound Enhancement
prime Contacts Widget
Xperia Clock Widgets
Xperia Keyboard With Emojis
Messaging App With Xperia Smiley & UI
Installation Instructions
First Install Cm12.1-Neos Homebuilds

Create A Bakeup of Your Current Running Rom

Then Flash Enfriar Z5 Sony XperiaV, Latest Android Lollipop Update
If u Need to Use Google Playstore And Enfriar Z5 Android Settings Flash Enfriar Sony Xperia Z5 PlayStore And Enfriar Sony Z5 Xperia V Android Settings From HERE

Google Playstore For Enfriar Sony Z5 Xperia V
Download Enfriar Xperia Z5 Dialer & Phonebook Files

Download Enfriar Z5 Xperia V Rom From HERE
Enfriar Z5 Xperia V Update
Enfriar Z5 Headphone Fix