Annual Edition Z5 Mix Features 5.1 Rom For Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

Download And Flash Annual Edition Xperia Z5 Mix Features Android Lollipop 5.1.1 Rom On Sony Xperia Z1 Compact


Hi there, every body, i am glad to decide upon you up, the work is a little busy just lately, so the update is a bit gradual, i hope you understand. This replace will bring you an remarkable feeling, make you feel has been used on a new cell phone, huh. This time, i’ve been engaged on the battery, you could make your cellular phone battery for longer, more durable, can help you deeply in love with this variant; I can not wait, let us witness it.

Annual Edition Z5 Mix Features 5.1 Rom For Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

At first, I wish to put all DEODEX ROM, however I did a evaluation, I found that DEODEX is rapid than ODEX, so I most effective merged with just a few ordinarily compiled APP, I feel so ultimate. Good, not wordy, start to expertise ROM.

-bottom bundle amendment:
– established on ultra-modern Xperia Z1c LP FW 23.4.A.1.236
– headquartered on brand new Xperia Z1c kernel 23.4.A.1.236

– layout changes
– add aid for busybox
– add status bar time lock monitor
– add Z5 extremely sensible settings
– sensible backlight for Z5 process
– add 6 new laptop starter(thanks to xda@jjwrongjj.)
– update XPOSED to the new version
– update the image album, video to the brand new
– replace messaging app
– update the new version of the tune for WALKMAN, aid the theme of the history switch
– the new AOSP repute bar kind, the brand new Google 6 style
– add Z5 theme, wallpaper, media and so forth.
– add Z5 transplant applications, black functions
– repair probably the most malicious program from startup management
– a kind of different optimization and repair
– add the trendy Init.D support.
– icon on the repute bar shows NFC
– regulate the default brightness light flashlight
– power menu to add the vibration
– settings build self management;
– settings construct CPU control;
– settings build CPU information;
– settings construction of hair glass background;
– settings building call vibration, and many others.;
– add IN.DT help
– a modest simplification of vain APP
– vigor key flight mode
– power button sound choices
– add the lunar calendar plugin
– add APN auto settings
– add SD card can also be written to

setting the bar and other changes:
– settings to build a brand new method management
– settings build a brand new self management
– repair a part of the cellular network vigour consumption trojan horse
– redecorate and optimize all animations
– to fix a depended on certificate error and strengthen stability.
– replace battery standby / mobileradio lively time malicious program
– update the new variant of Google offerings, Google store, to solve the error when opening the message;

increase including Z5 features:
* add Z5 All theme
* add Z4 Bootanimation
* add Z5 Theme wallpaper
* add Z5 Messaging App
* add Z5 cellphone App
* add Z5 Phonebook App
* add Z5 Backup and repair
* add Z5 weather App
* add Z5 Calculator
* add Z5 White balance
* add Z5 New TochBlock
* add Z5 New theme-manager
* add Z5 New ActiveClipper
* add Z5 New text message
* add Z5 New mobilephone
* add Z5 New mail
* add Z5 New weather
* add Z5 New contacts
* add Z5 residence luchener
* add Z5 image analyzer
* add Z5 snapshot Editor
* add Z5 reveal Recording
* add Z5 Wallaper and sound picker
* add Z5 update center
* add Z5 SmartSearch app
* add Z5 Small apps Framework
* add Z5 Widget-Launcher and many others.
* add Z5 New Small Apps
* add Z5 Z5 update middle
* add Z5 X-fact
* add Z5 system media documents
* add Z5 tremendous-Vivid
* add Z5 IntelligentBacklight

Installation Guideline
FOR Lock Bootoader & Uulock Bootloader

-Download Lollipop Z1 ROM
-Transfer rom to the phone memory
-Boot into Recovery mode
-Perform A Wipe Data / Factory Reset your Z1 Compact
-Now Wipe a Cache And Dalvik Cache
-Install The Annual Edition ROM, DONE 😀 ENJOY



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